Less emissions with biomethane

We bring solutions and the opportunity to contribute to CO2 reduction.

We facilitate the purchase and supply of sustainable biomethane and biomethane.

Why biomethane?

A company’s environmental footprint has a direct impact on  competitiveness  and  customer perception. Using biogas instead of natural gas is one possible solution and todays is that more relevant than ever.

Biogas has gained popularity in recent years and is considered as a green fuel, which can be used to replace conventional natural gas.

Biogas also helps mitigate methane emissions. Using  methane as a fuel dramatically reduces its climate impact by converting it into CO2, which is up to 34 times less potent as a greenhouse gas.

Biogas can be upgraded to replace mined natural gas for use as a fuel for electricity production, ground transportation, and commercial and residential buildings.


Comparing to virgin natural gas, biogas is clearly a more sustainable option. There are also other additional benefits of biogas. Removing the abundant supply of residuals from human activities, animal residuals and food waste from the environment prevents nitrogen pollution and runoff from contaminating  water resources. However its main advantage is reducing the amount of CO2 leaking into the atmosphere.

Biogas today is a more sustainable solution than traditional natural gas, we should consider it as an important fuel on the road to decreasing CO2 .


Purchase and sale of biomethane

Providing legal obligation and processes for biomethane trading

Providing processes related to emission obligations

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